Internship by Preeti Rana

Coming from a TV Production background and completely different part of the world culturally and physically in India, I had no idea where to start after pursuing my specialization in Corporate Communications from the University of Central Florida. While searching for jobs in several media companies within Orlando, I came across Cox Media Group. The more I read about their work, the more I felt connected and yearned to work there. From my past work experience, I have realized that one of the best ways to get your foot inside a big organization like this is through its internship program. I still remember my interview day with Dan and Natasha for their Social Media Intern position and getting the ‘good news’ call from Natasha on my way back home after my interview. It was everything I could have asked for that day. I joined Cox Events Group (a Cox Media Group subsidiary in Orlando and known as CEG around the office) as an intern and started in January.

Sadly though, my happy journey hit a speed bump after a few weeks when my work permit expired. With the ongoing political environment and the discussion around immigration laws, negative thoughts crashed into my head. The constant fear of losing this internship which I merely had just begun was my biggest worry. You can make a living from any job but having peace of mind is priceless.

Cox Events Group was supportive throughout this process and worked with me patiently until I got my work permit renewed. Now that I’ve started my training once again, my mind is filled with the same enthusiasm and excitement as before. My work at CEG includes curating and creating daily posts for CEG’s multiple social channels and provides countless opportunities to learn new software daily, giving me a better understanding of the incredible reach of promotions for organizing and producing successful events.

Doing what you love is a blessing, but having an encouraging and inspiring team that helps you through this process is icing on the cake. I am going to give my best and grab all the opportunities that come my way with the help of the best team one could ask for.