The Interview

By: Jillian Ryan

Cox Media Group is an integrated broadcast, publishing, direct marketing, event production and digital media company not only here in Central Florida, but across the country. Leveraging the best of television, radio, newspaper, digital, direct mail, event and print assets, Cox Media Group creates innovative marketing solutions for businesses all over the United States. Here at Cox Media Group, with hard work and dedication there are dozens of career paths providing employees the opportunity for personal growth and success.

I spoke with various employees from different departments ranging from Digital Marketing Specialist to General Sales Manager. Everyone was asked similar questions, and coming from different departments, naturally there were differences in their responses. What was compelling to see were the similarities.

When asked, “what’s your favorite part about working for Cox Media Group?” the response were the same two words – “the people.”

They went on to explain how they’ve met some of their best friends and even spouses in some instances while working at Cox. The quote that caught my attention most was the following: “We’re a giant family and hang outside of work. At least twenty of the people I work with daily were at my wedding.”

Here are a few highlights of who we get to work with, not only in our events department, in other parts of our business in Central Florida.

JC Campese
General Sales Manager
JC has been one of our General Sales Managers for multiple radio stations within our radio cluster since 2012, and has worked for Cox long before he was promoted to GSM (one of the many, many acronyms you learn while working in media). He’s been climbing his way up the totem pole since he was in his early twenties. JC has been not only a major component to the sales department here at Cox Media Group, but is considered the Godfather of Cox Events Group. JC created Cox Events Group seventeen years ago and not long after the idea came about, he executed it. He loves how every day he’s doing something new and never gets bored on the job.

JC’s biggest challenge in his current position is lack of time. He helps troubleshoot issues for our twenty-person strong sales team, while managing budgets, assisting other departments and offering guidance when needed.

His favorite part of the job is when he sees random friends and colleagues at gatherings, parties and family reunions. Everyone is most interested in talking about his job and the milestones he’s reached throughout his career to this point. Believe it or not, radio is still cool sometimes.

Kristi Leaphart
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kristi has been in the digital department for six years now. She started at Cox Media Group as a part-time promotions employee and in a short amount of time moved up to part-time Sales Assistant for K92.3, our country music radio station in Orlando. Kristi then got a full-time position as a Promotions Coordinator before she finished college, which followed shortly after.

One thing she’s has learned over the years is how to manage her time wisely. Kristi graduated from UCF (Go Knights!) with a degree in Radio/TV and Digital Media. Kristi met her husband (who happens to work here as well…go figure) ten years ago at Cox and around 60 percent of her direct co-workers were at her wedding in 2014. She treats them like family.

Dawn Campbell
Director of Branding and Programming for STAR 94.5
Dawn dived into radio in high school and never looked back. She’s been in her current position for more than two years and absolutely loves it. Her biggest challenge in this position is tough competition for ratings and success is never guaranteed. Due to advancing technology and smartphones, along with live streaming sites, there are many forces that could potentially draw listeners away from radio. Keeping listeners engaged and active with the radio station is a major area of importance now more than ever. Prior to being Director of Branding and Programming, Dawn was Promotions Manager for STAR 94.5, also working for another radio cluster in this market for many years.

Her favorite moments at Cox have been some of the seasonal employee parties when everyone gets together. Dawn loves the internal relationships she has been able to cultivate while working here. Her favorite memory so far? She joined the Cox Florida Mentoring Program a few years back and connected with so many industry leaders inside and out of our building and company, many which she still has strong ties with today.

Stevie DeMann
Operations Manager for POWER 95.3, K92.3, 107.3 SOLO ÉXITOS, STAR 94.5
Stevie has been with Cox Media Group for ten years. Before coming to Cox, Stevie worked at another broadcasting company as Program Director. His passion for radio began in high school, as he’s been in the business for a total of 28 years working several different gigs, including on-air talent.
Stevie’s favorite part about working at Cox is the culture and people in the building. He enjoys coaching talent through developmental programming, on-air checks, and giving critical advice on both sides of the ball.

Like Dawn, Stevie finds ratings his biggest challenge. Statistics are sampled from local citizens and there are many aspects that go into the results, with several factors affecting those numbers on a weekly and monthly basis. Ratings can be difficult to decipher at times. Cox Media Group is a research-based media company, and Stevie personifies this approach in his work. He and many others put in a significant amount of effort when it comes to research, helping make our radio stations successful and standing by the research they find and apply to the job.

He’s most proud of the success that has come from his hard work, through ratings, revenue and awards for several of the radio stations he works for. A few words of advice from Stevie? Sometimes it helps to be selfish and fight for what you believe in.


I had a great time interviewing these four individuals from our company and catching small glimpses of what they do, completely separate from what we do here in the Events Department. Think about doing this at your company to dig a little deeper and get to know those outside of your comfort zone.