Our advice? Let us advise.

Are you confident in your event execution capabilities but don’t know how to get to a good spot with the pre-event details such as permitting, vendor relations, sponsorship asset creation and other endless items on your task list? Cox Events Group not only offers full event production services, but event production advisement, too.

With advisement comes our valuable local and state-wide list of honest and reputable production partners. Whether you need stage and sound, restroom trailers, street closures or crowd control barricade, digital photo booths and other brandable data collection assets, virtual reality activations, photography and videography, security, garbage collection and disposal…the list is endless and we guarantee we know and work closely with the professionals you need to get the job done and done well. These are partners we have worked with in the past and we proudly refer them to other production groups, competitors and events whenever we get the chance.

Need help with your event flow vision? Yeah, we do that, too. In the last ten years, we’ve produced and partnered on over 300 events, bringing in more than 10 million patrons combined across a decade’s time. We know how to lay it out, whether it’s in a traditional venue, a city park, an airport hangar or a field in the middle of nowhere. We know where to place beer and food to maximize sales opportunities, which sponsor(s) to put front and center, how to coordinate ques with no overlap and of course, hiding those ugly portalets and power sources from plain view while not completely hiding them so your patrons still know where to go when they gotta go.

Need affordable pricing? With our history of production partnership and massive annual event calendar, we not only promise finding you the best vendors to help make your event amazing, we promise their fees are reasonable and extremely competitive.

If you only need assistance with a portion of your event production process, we scale appropriately to assist on the front end to make sure your first time producing a new event or grand slammin’ your spotlight event comes off as simple as possible.

Hit us up when you want the best.