The Internship


By: Jennelle Mendes

When I first applied for an internship with Cox Events Group, I had no clue what I would be getting myself into. When Natasha told me in my interview that I may be moving porta-potties, I thought she was joking…turns out she wasn’t.  She wasn’t kidding about producing amazing events for crowds of over 500 people either.  Or about driving various celebrities and bands around from time to time. Or about making sure their Publix deli platter is in their trailer when it needs to be.  What she didn’t mention however, is that I would be working with an amazing group of hard working, fun and talented individuals that I could learn a lot and grow from.

When my internship in spring 2015 ended, I was genuinely sad. I felt like there was so much more I wanted to accomplish in my role and I had only scratched the surface.  I regretted not taking advantage of all the opportunities that Cox has to offer.  I wanted to gain more Photoshop skills, study how a sound board operates, and learn more about digital media.  All of these things they encourage you to do during your internship along with plenty more.  My problem though, was that I was too shy and scared to step out of my comfort zone.

When I got offered to come back the following year and intern with Cox Events Group for summer 2016, I leaped at the opportunity to be back with the company and team I had learned to love and appreciate!  It’s time to step out of my box.  This time around, I plan on utilizing all the opportunities and freedom that Cox grants you to learn and flourish.  This time I’m not holding back.

Let’s move some porta-potties!